Jan 14, 2008

Rare Pictures Related to the Life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Prt-1

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Grave of Haleema (RA)
Grave of Hazrat Safia (RA)
Grave of Hazrat Hamza (Uncle of Muhammad (PBUH))

Birth Place of Muhammad (PBUH)
Birth place of Muhammad (PBUH)
This place is converted to Library Now.
Hira Mount (Where Muhammad PBUH used to pray)
Mount Saur (Where Hazrat Abu Bakr and his friends lived
When Kufar of Makkah were after him and a Spider made
a net on the entrance of Mount)

Hair of the Beard of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

A hair from the Beard of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

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