Feb 27, 2008

Rare Pictures of Shahrukh Khan

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Shahrukh Khan's Sister
Shahrukh Khans Father

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan With Gauri

Feb 25, 2008

My cute little friend

Meet my Best Friend Sherooo

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Feb 19, 2008

Tarrific ILLusion U will not believe

Feb 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

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Beauty of Citral & Kailash (With Brief history)

Beauty of Citral & Kailash, PAKISTAN (With Brief history)

A beautiful View of Chitral
Chitral, or Chatrāl (Urdu: چترال), in the native language Khowar pronounced "chetrar"(chetr meaning field), is the name of a town, valley, river, district, and former princely state in the former Malakand Division of the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan.

Chitral Town, capital of the Chitral District, is situated on the west bank of the Chitral (or Kunar) River. The town is at the foot of Tirich Mir, the highest peak of the Hindu Kush, 7,708 m or 25,289 ft high. It has a population of 20,000, while the District (of 14,833 km² or 5,727 sq mi), has a population of 300,000. The altitude of the valley is 1,100 m or 3,700 ft.
Kailash Lake in Chitral
The Kalash (Nuristani: Kasivo) or Kalasha, are an ethnic group of the Hindu Kush, settling in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. They speak the Kalash language, a member of the Dardic family.
Not to be confused are the Nuristani people, who are also occasionally referred to as Kalasha.
Dress of Kailash People
There is some controversy over what defines the ethnic characteristics of the Kalash. Although quite numerous before the 20th century, the non-Muslim minority has seen its numbers dwindle over the past century. A leader of the Kalash, Saifulla Jan, has stated, "If any Kalash converts to Islam, they can't live among us anymore. We keep our identity strong."[1] Thousands have converted to Islam, yet still live nearby in the Kalash villages and maintain their language and many aspects of their ancient culture. In fact, sheikhs, or converts to Islam, make up more than half of the total Kalasha-speaking population
Kailash Girl in Typical Traditional Kailash Dress
Beautiul View of Chitral
Kailaash Baby
Polo and Buzzkashi are the two popular games of Chitral
In Shindoor Festival the final of Polo is the most interesting event
Traditional Dance of Kailash People
Wood Gods of Kailaash People
Kailash Woman
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Durrani Empire (A page from History)

Durrani Empire (A page from History)

The Durrani Empire was a large state that included modern Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Khorasan province of Iran and a section of western India.[1][2][3] The empire was founded in 1747 by Ahmad Shah Durrani, with its capital at Kandahar. After the death of Ahmad Shah in 1773, kingdom was passed onto his sons followed by his descendants. Ahmad Shah and his descendants were from the Sadozai line of the Abdali (later called Durrani) Pashtuns, making them the second Pashtun rulers of Kandahar, after the Ghilzais.[4]
The Durrani Empire is often considered the origin of the state of Afghanistan.[5][6][7] Even before the death of Nadir Shah of Persia, tribes in Afghanistan had been growing stronger and were beginning to take advantage of the waning power of their distant rulers.[8]

Hidustan (INDIA) 1700-1792
Reign of Ahmad Shah Durrani (1747-1772)

Ahmad Shah Durrani

Nadir Shah's rule ended in June 1747, when he was assassinated. The assassination was likely enough planned by his nephew Ali Qoli, though there is little factual evidence to support this theory. Nonetheless, when the chiefs of the Afghans met later the same year near Kandahar at a Loya jirga (council) to choose a new ruler for the Abdali confederation, Ahmad Shah Abdali was chosen. Despite being younger than other claimants, Ahmad had several overriding factors in his favor:
Ahmed Shah

He was a direct descendant of Sado, patriarch of the Sadozai clan, the most prominent tribe amongst the Pashtun peoples at the time;

He was unquestionably a charismatic leader and seasoned warrior who had at his disposal a trained, mobile force of several thousand cavalrymen;
Not least, he possessed a substantial part of Nadir Shah's treasury.
One of Ahmad Shah's first acts as chief was to adopt the title "Durr-i-Durrani" ("pearl of pearls" or "pearl of the age"). The name may have been suggested, as some claim, from a dream dreamt by Ahmad Shah, or as others claim, from the pearl earrings worn by the royal guard of Nadir Shah. The Abdali Pashtuns were known thereafter as the Durrani, and the name of the Abdali confederation was changed to Durrani.
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Feb 9, 2008

Happy Haapy Birthday

For my best friend
The best gift of Your birthday
many many Happy returns of the day

Shanil Khan

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