Oct 22, 2012

Debunking Malala conspiracy theories

Debunking Malala conspiracy theories.

If someone asks me what are Pakistanis good at, my instant answer will be making up conspiracy theories. When an innocent courageous 14 year old girl almost died defending girls’ right to education, the Taliban apologists and the confused privileged educated urbanites didn’t take much time to come up with an unending stream of conspiracy theories.
There is nothing surprising here but what sinks my heart is the fact the temporary sympathy faded away quickly, translating into a resolve to fight religious extremism a far cry. If they can not even sympathise with a 14 year old innocent child without their ifs and buts, what do we call them other than heartless insensitive idiots.

Samia  Raheel Qazi: Malala is a CIA Agent
The campaign to malign Malala was lead by the usual suspects – Jamaat-e-Islami and their supporters. Samia Raheel Qazi, daughter ex-Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed was probably the first one to float this conspiracy theory calling Malala a CIA agent. She tweeted an image tagging media personnels.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed's daughter Samia Raheel Qazi calls Malala a CIA Agent
Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s daughter Samia Raheel Qazi calls Malala a CIA Agent

The reality is that this was a UNICEF organised meeting in July 2009 attended not just by Malala Yousafzai and her father but also grassroot activists working in the Swat region. The lady in the picture is not Malala’s mother but a women education activist (NGO worker) Dishad Begum. They were all invited to meet Richard Hollbrooke following the Swat operation when military had gained control of the area. The meeting was to discuss the education infrastructure and what follow up activities were required to resume schools in the area were needed. Conspiracy theorists are welcomed to feel ashamed once they listen to what Malala said to Richard Hollbrooke – “if you can help us with Education, then please do“.

Here is a video of this UNICEF organised meeting, or watch more detailed video here:

If seen sitting in a meeting makes you a CIA Agent, does it make Imran Khan a CIA agent too? Qazi Hussain Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami is on record having said that he feels at home when he visits America, does it make him a CIA Agent too. Qazi’s daugher Samia Raheel Qazi leading the propaganda campaign against Malala was educated abroad, is she also an Agent? Why Samia Raheel Qazi getting education abroad is okay but Malala asking for help in education, not for herself but the girls of Swat, wrong?

Is Imran Khan a CIA Agent now?
Is Imran Khan a CIA Agent now?

Comparing Malala and Aafia Siddiqi
The next propaganda tactic of the religious right was to cash in on the sentiment of the public associated with Islam and Aafia Siddiqi. Using religion and Anti-Americanism always works in Pakistan considering people’s sentiments and that is what the conspiracy theorists cashed in. Anti-Malala campaign was launched using the argument that she had said that her political ideals are Benazir Bhutto, President Obama and Bacha Khan. She was asked this question during a TV Talk Show with Hamid Mir and the question was in political context and hence her answer. The religious right claimed that for a girl whose ideals do not include the Prophet Muhammad does not deserve this sympathy. Further, the compared her with Aafia Siddiqi claiming her ideals were Islam and Quran and she is the real daughter of the nation.
Let me remind the readers that Al Qaeda Deputy Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri himself came to the aid of Aafia Siddiqi. On 4 November 2010, Al-Qaeeda’s media wing released a new audio message where Zawahiri asks, “Who Will Take Revenge for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui?.” Can someone tell me how many more innocent Pakistani women, or Muslim women for that matter, had the privilege of getting such support from Al-Qaeda’s top leadership? Why is it that from millions of Muslim women persecuted, countless Baluch women abducted, all Zawahiri cared about was Aafia Siddiqi? What prompts such sympathy from world’s most lethal terrorist for an ‘innocent’ Aafia Siddiqi which is missing for many more innocent Muslim women?
If it is unacceptable to sympathise with Malala just because she idealise President Obama politically, why do we conveniently ignore that Aafia Siddiqi, unlike Malala, holds a US citizenship and was educated at the American university MIT on American scholarship funds? Why is the Anti-American sentiment applicable on Malala and not on Aafia Siddiqi? If association with anything American is a scale of how good you are, guess Aafia Siddiqi is the one who is much more ‘American’ that little child Malala. She holds a Pakistani nationality, never wet to the US, was educated in Pakistani schools and almost gave her life defending the right to education of Pakistani girls. What did Aafia did for women of Pakistan?
I would also like to know which verses in the Quran, which Aafia Siddiqi idealises, promoted her to purchase items on internet including about $10,000 worth of night-vision goggles, body armour and 45 military-style books including The Anarchist’s Arsena; and why did she need these. I would also like to understand which sayings of the Prophet prompted Aafia Siddiqi to open up a post box in the name of Majid Khan, an alleged al-Qaida operative accused of plotting to blow up petrol stations in the Baltimore area. By saying that Aafia Siddiqi idealised Prophet Muhammad and Quran and knowing what she has been upto, are we trying to say that Quran and Prophet Muhammad prompted her to become an extremist?
I would also appreciate if someone tells me how did an innocent Aafia Siddiqi managed to marry Ammar al-Baluchi (as second husband), a nephew of the 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, at a small ceremony near Karachi. Further, the conspiracy theorists who readily believe in photoshopped images are finding it too difficult to believe in evidence given by Aafia Siddiqi’s ex-husband Amjad Khan of her suspicious behaviour and involvement in Jihadi activities. According to him, his new wife was a more fiery character than he wished. “She was so pumped up about jihad,” he said. He adds that Aafia wanted the couple to move to Bosnia just 6 months after the marriage – why Bosnia of all places, may I ask? he further tells that in the winter post 9/11, she pressed him to go on “jihad” to Afghanistan, where she had arranged for them to work in a hospital in Zabul province. Khan refused, sparking a vicious row. “She went hysterical, beating her hands on my chest, asking for divorce,” he recalled. He also claims that she never went to Bagram and he saw her with his own eyes in Islamabad and Karachi but never went public for protection of his children.
Aafia Siddiqi’s uncle Shams-ul-Hassan Farooqi has similar tales to tell. He tells that she begged him to smuggle her into Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban. “That was her main point,” he recalled. “She said: ‘I will be safe with the Taliban.’”
Remember the first verse ever revealed to Prophet Muhammad: Iqra (read). Remember the Prophet said education is mandatory for both men and women. When Aafia Siddiqi was busy buying equipment for a possible terrorist attack and marrying Al-Qaeda terrorist, it was 14 year old Malala fighting a battle against barbarians carrying the torch of Education forward. So, who was actually idealising the Prophet and Quran?
Please have a little shame before you compare an innocent child with an extremists – even if you think she was not treated in the right way, there is considerable evidence that she was an extremist.
Malala’s diary and wrong translation for propaganda, cashing in on religious sentiment
Excerpt from Malala's diary for BBC Urdu
Excerpt from Malala’s diary for BBC Urdu
Of course this is not a mistake in translation - this is a deliberate attempt to malign the little child by putting words into her mouth exploiting the religious sentiment of the public.
Of course this is not a mistake in translation – this is a deliberate attempt to malign the little child by putting words into her mouth exploiting the religious sentiment of the public.
Malala episode is a staged drama, she was never shot
The next conspiracy completely denies that the event took place conveniently ignoring the fact that it was not just Malala but two of her friends named Shazia and Kainat who got injured too and several people of Swat are eyewitness. It has become a fashion in the country of conspiracy theorists even to ignore the responsibility claimed by the terrorists. They completely ignored the fact that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan had claimed the responsibility of the attack and had warned that they will attack her again if she survives. They further added that they will also attack other people who support secular causes. To add to that, they later issued a press statement using verses from the Quran proving that their attack on Malala was legitimate inline with the Sharia.
It did not end here, in the wave of temporary sympathy, Pakistani media sided with Malala but Taliban were not happy with this. They warned the media that they will attack them but this did not convince the conspiracy theorists that this event has actually happened.
All I can say is take you head out of the sand – there has to be an end to this Ostrich Syndrome as you are only making a fool of yourself.
 Where was Malala hit? – left or right?

Next, they came up with the theory that the Pakistan Army, The US, the hospital management in Pakistan and UK and the media all are party to staging this drama and this incident never happened. They picked up some images of the injured child claiming some of them show the wound on the right while some on the left of her head. A little knowledge of image processing and tools like Photoshop would have been handy to avoid this cheap conspiracy theories. Let me show you how can you invert images from Left to Right or Right to Left on click of a button:

How did Malala’s clothes changed all of sudden?

In another bizzare attempt, they claim that Malala’s clothes are different in the two pictures above. Lack of knowledge comes to aid again – ignorance is bliss, as they say. She is wearing a hospital gown in blue which is a regular practice in all hospitals worldwide.
The hospital gown is made of fabric that can withstand repeated laundering in hot water, usually cotton, and is fastened at the back with twill tape ties.Healthcare workers, especially in hospitals, find thin hospital gowns convenient for listening to the heart and lungs. For nurses, giving injections in the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs is easier when the patient is wearing a gown rather than street clothing.Hospital gowns are much thinner and looser than regular clothing, so patients are less likely to overheat.
Using fake images of drone attack victims
The religious right has excelled at using fake images to gather public support. Only few months back they used countless fake images to cash in on sympathy regarding the Burma Muslims. Here is a list of such fake images. Using the same skillset and cheap tactics, this time they used fake images calling them victims of drone attacks and the argument that why so much noise for Malala and not the drone attack victims. One example follows:

 Yes, her name is Laiba but she was not a drone victim, instead shot by Pakistan Army/FC in Peshawar. Read more here and DAWN report regarding this girl here. None is stopping you to protest for the drone attack victims but (i) why do you have to resort to cheap tactics, misinformation and lies and (ii) what do you have to remain silent on Malala to do that?
Further, while victims of drones are collateral damage and regrettable (not targetted), Malala is a targeted attack – she was attacked because she took on the Taliban, she took a stand for the education of girls in a war torn region. The civilian drone attack victims are not attacked as a target, they are not victimised for their identity or for who they are or what they do.
 Why raise voice for Malala only? What is so special about her?
Surprise, Surpirse! What’s special about Malala is another concern of the Taliban apologists.
Before I answer that, Malala has actually exposed many bigots within us and left answers why she is special. Below are the press releases of two of Pakistan’s political parties issued after the attack on Malala. Although the ideological support for Taliban in Pakistan isn’t lacking but this incident, atleast temporarily made them very unpopular and there was a strong wave of sympathy in public for Malala. This was probably one of those chances when one can safely speak for the oppressed and against the oppressor because that was the direction the tide of time had taken, you could go with the flow.
Now read the press releases and tell me if these strong parties had little courage to take on the oppressor even at this moment:
PTI Press Release on Malala attack - failing to gather courage to name the culprits
PTI press release on Malala attack – failing to gather courage to name the culprits
PMLN Press Release on Malala attack - Pakistan's 2nd largest political party still doesnt know who the enemy is after 45000 Pakistanis, 26000 Shia and several thousand Ahmedi, Christian and Hindu deaths
PMLN press release on Malala attack – Pakistan’s 2nd largest political party still doesnt know who the enemy is after 45000 Pakistanis, 26000 Shia and several thousand Ahmedi, Christian and Hindu deaths
Did you find the word Taliban? Did you see anyone taking on these barbarins when an innocent child is ruthlessly attacked? NO!
In a country where large political parties do not have the guts to take a firm stand against the oppressor, to speak against brutality and side with the oppressed, this little child had the courage to do that. She did what strong powerful leaders could not do. Listen to this interview of her and tell me if any of the above press releases give you similar condemnations:

Here is another video interview in Pushto with English subtitles and transcript. Below is an excerpt from this interview:
Please tell me which other 14 year old have you heard talking with this clarity and courage that too in a region just got rid of Taliban control? She did not went to an elite school in an urban capital. If a child has the knowledge to understand the problems of her region and country, can talk about them, can say what is right and what is wrong, can take on oppressors with no fear; then that my friend is no ordinary child. She is special.
She was attacked just because of that. She had gathered the courage to do and say what many in this country could not do. I ask you to pickup the press releases issues by leaders and political parties in all those years when Pakistanis were killed by suicide bombs and find the word Taliban. In a country where leaders do not have the guts to name the culprits and suffice on hollow condemnations, this brave 14 year old took on them and was attacked in a targeted episode. Malala reminds me of Zainab in the darbar of Yazid in Damascus in the 7th century.
Malala’s links to Adam Ellick, a journalist with alleged CIA links
Another theory goes on to claim that the journalist Adam Ellick who met Malala and interviewed here was a undercover CIA agent and used to hide his identity not to be identified as an outsider.
Adam’s interview with Malala is available here and a related Al-Jazeera report with video can be watched here.
There is nothing fishy about it – it is a regular practice in journalism, the idea behind which is security and a respect for local culture, or sometimes just a personal interest of the journalist to explore and experience the local culture when they are at another place for their professional duties.

Where was Malala shot?
The above pictures are from hospital in Pakistan. According to the report provided by the doctors at the Birmingham hospital where she is being treated, the teenager was struck just above the back of her left eye, with the bullet travelling down the side of her jaw and damaging the skull. It went through her neck and lodged in the tissue above her shoulder blade on the left.
The wound us clearly visible in first pictures and partly in latest images looking blackish where it has been covered by the dupatta. The hospital staff in UK was more concerned about the cultural sensitiveness covering the Muslim girl with scarf and appropriate clothing and didn’t realise that in a country of conspiracy theorists, they have to publicly show the wounds of a innocent girl to prove she has been victimised. Further, this is how professional and responsible health care works – putting the patient and their privacy first, not satisfaction of the conspiracy theorists. Also, there are rules governing the media in the UK and unlike developing countries like Pakistan, you can not blatantly show even body parts following a suicide bombing incident.

Courtesy : 

Lazy PDA (Peshawar Development Authority)

Following are the images of the Peshawer Development Aurthorities website
Althought PDA managed to get a website but like the drums of garbage in the streets that they attend after years they didnot updated their site from almost 2 years. It was better not to have a website if PDA cannot update and facilitate the people of Peshawer. Its shame for the government of KPK that their performance is so poor relatively to other provinces. All the other provinces are atleast working in their provincial capitals and working to develop provincial capitals. But in KPK if this is the performance of PDA then you can imagine what will be the performance in the other cities.
Our Chief Minister Amin Haider Hoti i think never read the social studies book and don't know that provincial capital of KPK is Peshawer. I think he considers Mardan as the provincial capital of KPK. Because as much he is moving everything to Mardan. All the developments were done in Mardan but Peshawar remained as it was 5 years back or i will not be mistaken that it became worst than it was in the MMA Government.
Here is the website Peshawer Development Authority, Provincial Capital of KPK
This is the main page of PDA's website
These lazy people of PDA even dont have image of Secretary Aurangzeb Khan's pic that they can upload on this site. Welcome note is copied from Wikipedia. I think they dont have words to welcome people visiting this site or may be they dont knw what they can say about Peshawer.
The big new icon is of the contest for designing of logo for new peshawer Water and Sanitization company. I dont knw from how many years its appearing here as new. We dont knw what happend to the contest. We dont knw that if W & S company has any logo now or not. The only way to know that was IF these lazy people updated this site.

Online Complaint Services are there but non of them is working and no details are provided how to use this service. I dont think this service is ever used by any1. As if these people so lazy that they dint updated their site from years how they will follow our complaints.
Introduction is there but other than that none of the above liks are active. Functions, Territory,Future Growth PDA themselves dont knw about this how they will tell us . Dont knw how they manage to put a pic of PDA here bcos there is no other image of Peshawer in the website.
This is the conatact information. Not even a singe contact number is provided by the site. The contact column is empy because PDA know these people cannot be contacted by a citizen of Peshawer then what's the need to provide their contact numebr.
Here comes the Establishment Page and details of the PDA management. From this page i just came to knw that there are alot of directors in PDA. But their names, education details or any other details are not provided.

This is the most funny page on the PDA's site. If you are living in Peshawar you will definitly know that their is no project for Peshawer and the date of projects here will tell u the remaining details that from last 2 years there is not even a single development project carried out by PDA.

 Here are the procedures and non of them is active.
Online Complaint system not working or u can say that never worked
According to this page not even a single tender is issued in 2012. We dont knw if there was a tender in 2012 or if the lazy people dint updated the page.
New and Events. The last event that took place in Peshawer was in May 2011 according to this page.
Another funny page on site is Picture Gallery. Atleast they managed to keep this Gallery clean unlike the roads and streets of Peshawar


If you want to download any form then please dont visit this page because non of the links are working and there is not even a single document that you can download.




 Last but not the least. VISION and MISSION of PDA. If u think there is any Vision or Mission of PDA after visiting this site then must read this it will help you alot

Thanks to PDA for providing such a useful website for the People of Peshawer

Oct 7, 2012

Bollywood Babies

 Amir Khan
 Aishwariya Bachan
  Aishwariya Bachan
  Aishwariya Bachan
  Aishwariya Bachan

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8 Most Annoying Habits of Girls/Women

1. It's nothing
When in the middle of a sentence, you stop short and say, "I wanted to tell you something, but never mind, it's nothing", we immediately get danger signs popping up left and right. Here's what you actually come across as saying.
a) I don't think you're capable enough of understanding what I was going to say
b) I don't want to share this information with you, I'd rather do it with someone else
c) I have other important things to do, so goodbye.

2. Yap, yap, yap

God, can you women folk talk! We're perfectly okay as long as you're yapping away with your girlfriends. We don't know where you find endless things to talk about, but, we're sorry, we cannot spend five hours on the phone with you. It not only heats up our ears, it sort of nibbles at our brains. If only you'd shut up and listen to us every now and then. Whoever said you're good listeners? You're only just waiting to start off with your story the moment there is a second's silence in the conversation.

3. I don't know you

"You know everything about me, but I hardly know a thing about you," is your common grouse. Now whose fault is that? Did we ask you to tell us every damn thing about your life? Did we come and ask you about every family member in your family and their quirks? If you voluntarily offer information, it is not mandatory, we do the same. And if you think you don't know us, place a hot seat and shoot with the questions, as long as it comes with a guarantee for some action by the end of it.

4. Waterworks

When you bring out the waterworks, that's when you really get to us. Is there a reason you cry at the bat of an eyelid? Do you have a tap up there somewhere, which is at your beck and call? What is it with you women? Do you have to cry for every little thing? You know how to use it well though, because you use it to induce guilt; you use to win arguments; you use it to tilt us to your way of thinking.

5. This or that?

You will hover over something for eternity: this dress or that? Pasta or lasagna? Red shoes or blue ones? God, just pick up a damn thing and get over with it, will you? We don't have the patience until you match every piece of your outfit a million times and just when it seems to be coming together, change your mind and star all over again. We don't really care after a point of time. Yes, we want you to look your best, but we can't wait forever for you to make up your mind.

6. Hairy Harry

I know it is really hard for women. You have to do so much to look good for the men in your life. So much maintenance. I know all of that. But unfortunately that's how it is. We love you for a reason. And when at times there is hair on your upper lips or on your chin, it puts us off. Like you have expectations of us: chivalry, commitment, humor, sensitivity, hygiene etc, we too have certain expectations of you. And don't try to bleach your hair because it's not the colour of your hair that's the problem, it's the hair.

7. Meddlesome monkey

We also don't like the fact you interfere in everything we do: our hairstyle to our clothes to our drinking to the way we talk, walk, the channels we watch etc. Always remember, you chose us for a reason, so why try and change us now? So, please back off and give us some breathing room.

8. Tell us what to say

If you cook something and you ask us for our opinion, we are instantly in trouble. If we say it is good, you say we’re saying it for the heck of it. If we say it’s not so good, you will say we are insensitive and mean. If we say it lacks seasoning, you will make a face and tell us to take charge of the kitchen. Same goes with everything else: from the dresses you chose to something you paint or write or sing or whatever it is. Whatever we say, we are in trouble anyway, so you might as well give us a list of acceptable comments that we shall always follow.