Mar 28, 2010

Photos over 100 years old

Placer Mining

Lakota Sioux Indian Village

Village of the Lakota Sioux Indians

The Cowboy

The Cowboy

A deer hunt near Deadwood in winter '87 and '88

Railroad Surveyors

Deadwood Central Railroad Surveyors

Miners Panning for Gold

Miners Panning for Gold in the Dakota Territory

Western Stagecoach

Western Stagecoach

Cheyenne Indians

Cheyenne Indians

"Hotel Minnekahta," Hot Springs, Dakota Territory


Stagecoaches of the Old West

Lakota Sioux Indians

Lakota Sioux Indian Camp

Saw Mill

Saw Mill Interior at Terraville, Dakota Territory

Chinese Hose Team

Chinese Hose Team

Captain Taylor

Captain Talor and 70 Indian Scouts

"Comanche," the only survivor of the Custer Massacre, 1876

Indian Fighters

Indian Fighters from the US Army Infantry

Old Stagecoach

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