Apr 22, 2009

New Group by PKC (Exclusively for Pakistan)

Pakistani History, Culture & Traditions,Food,Places,People, Cities,Politics,Media,Films (Lollywood),TV drama's,Shows,Music,Fashion, Arts,News,Geography,Sports,Traditions,Islam,Cities(KHYBER to KARACHI), Festivals,Business and Industry,Poetry,Books, Novels,Computers and Mobiles,Science and Technology,Student and Education and most of all the Beauty of PAKISTAN.Mean each and every small thing related to PAKISTAN will be discussed.

Here on this platform we will discuss only PAKISTAN.

This groups is about PAKISTAN but not only for Pakistani's anyone from any region any religion any country can join us who want to know about PAKISTAN, who want to discuss problems of PAKISTAN and who want to give solutions to the problems of PAKISTAN. We promise that we will respect the opinion of each and every member, nationality and religion.

On the request of our members from other Groups PKC-Groups has taken this step to bring a Group which is Exclusively for PAKISTAN. This Groups will only discuss PAKISTAN from KHYBER to KARACHI. We want to bring all the Pakistani friends on one platform. We Pakistani's are contributing alot to Groups but individually. We want that all of us should get together on this platform. We should contribute to other groups also but


Lets get together and discuss our PAKISTAN.
If you want to do so then come and join us.


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