Apr 6, 2009

Smart 2 years old girl

Mashallah She knows more about Islam then us, few of these things was also not known to me and I know so will be with you also.
I praise the parents and her teacher that they teached her all this in such a
young age may Allah give them the reward for this and
Will request the parents to teach and try to tell their children more about your relegion then
trying to remember her the poems and songs.



Uma Maheswar Nakka said...

Cute little child at the age of Playing with toys, She is praying God and learning Quran.
Its amazing. If every Kid is taught about God from this age, there will be Peace all over the Universe. Great indeed

I praise the parents and her teachers in encouraging her and teaching her the Holy Quran.
May Allah the Almighty bless then give them and the child,
Uma M Nakka

Uma Maheswar Nakka said...

And also thanks for publishing this