Dec 1, 2008

DETAILS OF TERRORIST: one of the terrorist

Dear All,

See the image of the Gunman and decide for yourself who was the man. The man is wearing a color band on his right hand which Sangeis (Red thread) SEE THE PHOTO usually wear.FOR YOUR INFORMATION ALL JEHADIS ARE WITH BEARD & SALWAR KAMEEZ OUTFITS

'Terror in Mumbay' & Malegaon 'Hindu Terror', Any Connections? ?, Who 'hired' them?

1. The country was in a mood of getting real colour of terror most recently happened, 'hindu folks' involvements were slowly uncovered!

2. The brave hero, ATS Chief Hemanth Karkare was intelligently uncovering the masks of real 'terrorists' who played recent terrors in India. He was given a threat to his life just before two days of this 'terror in Mumbay'!

3. The 1st target of 'Mumbai terrorists' was ATS leaders - three of 'most wanted' by Malegaon criminals immediately shot dead in early hours of said 'Mumbai Terror', including Hemanth Karkare!

4. It is true that 'Mumbai Terrorists' entered thru sea! but did they crossed international boarders or just took off from Gujarat or neasrby seas within Indian territtory?

5. It is well known that 'Mumbai Terrorists' had very good and excellent knowledge about their targets, the most important one was the ATS leaders! They are well familiar with Taj and other otheir targets!

6. The 1st 38 hours of 'Mumbai Terror' operation, there were no much clues were obtained nor media not much covered to link with Pakistan !

7. Unlike Leshkare Tayyeb's jehadists with bears and turbans, this youngsters are clean shaved without having beared! are they really Jehadis? One of the terrorists media showed was wearing a yellow band on his right hand (a sanghi sign, as seen in Gujarat riot scenes - even RSS female cadres wears it)!

8. The situation changes immedately after biggest 'Terrorist' Gujarat hero Modi's visits in Mumbai! Sonia, Prime Minister and LK Advani also visited Mumbai before Modi however nobody declared someone, why?

Why Modi visited Mumbai unlike other CMs of other states?

He immeditely declares the hands of Pakistan in 'Mumbai Terror' - how he knows it?

He immedately declares of financial aids of 1 crore to every military man killed, to Maharastra govt, all people killed?? Why? wht is the connection of Gujarat and 'Mumbai Terror'...

What is the reason of his 'over smartness' of taking the media?

Why 'Terrorist Hero Mr. Modi declares aid to people before Manmohan or Maharastra CM declares? and much bigger amounts than them?? was it from his pocket or from public money?

This should be well investigated, he may know who hired the terrorists in Mumbai who killed the ATS leaders and challegning the nation!

9. And this 'terror' takes place just day before assembly elections in some states!

Now you guess, has it any 'real' connections with ' Malegaon ' hindu terrorism?? ,___

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