Dec 24, 2008

How Gur (Jaggery) is Produced

A form of raw lump sugar, generally honey-brown in color. The best kind looks clean and is easily breakable, not brick hard.

GUR is the natural mixture of sugar and molasses. If pure clarified sugarcane juice is boiled, what is left as solid is GUR which is called jaggery also.

Now everybody knows that sugar is harmful for health. Particularly it creates diabetes which is dangerous disease. Some scientists have described sugar as a white poison. So sugar is a evil. As against this, GUR is innocent and nutritious food and it contains many natural minerals. So this is natural substance. So GUR should be used in our food instead of sugar. GUR is blessing for human health.

In Mexico & South America Gur it is also known as panela.

All images are taken in a village (Turangzai) of District Charsadda in Pakistan by PKC-Groups Moderator.


Sugarcane's are collected from the fields and are brought to the local Gur-mills (Ghani) found almost in every village of NWFP and Punjab Province.


Sugarcane is then crushed and juice is extracted from the sugarcane.



The remaining part of the sugarcane is then dried in sun and is used as fuel to boil the sugarcane juice later.


After crushing the sugarcane the juice of the sugarcane is collected in a big container. Through a pipe from the crusher to the container.


Syrup is made by boiling raw sugarcane juice or palm sap up to 200 degree's in a large shallow round-bottom vessel traditionally as shown here.
As all this process before this boiling is unhygienic so different kind of chemicals are used with this syrup of sugarcane during the boiling to make it hygienic.


After that the syrup is poured in another vessel and is allowed to cool down when it become touchable then it is divided in to small pieces with the hand as shown in the pic and Gur (Jaggery) is ready to use .

Special sweet dishes are made by mixing Jaggery with milk & coconut. Popular sweet dishes like "Naru" or "Patisapta Pitha" is made by mixing Jaggery with coconut shredding. Jaggery is also molded into novelty shapes as a type of candy. Other uses include Jaggery toffees and Jaggery cake made with pumpkin preserve, cashew nuts and spices. Jaggery may also be used in the creation of alcoholic beverages.

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