Dec 28, 2008

Pakistan Air Force - Thrill Downloads - Wallpapers, Audio, Video

PAF Songs (Audio) FormatDurationSize
Har Jahan Say Agay WMA00:04:311.06 MB
Dharkan Main Josh WMA00:03:460.91 MB
Ghazi Ya Shaheed WMA00:04:551.16 MB
Aye Rah-e-Haq Kay ShaheedoWMA00:04:431.11 MB
Jhapatna Palatna WMA00:03:380.88 MB
Hawaoon Ka Sipahi WMA00:04:371.08 MB
Tum Hi Say Aye Mujahido WMA00:05:401.33 MB
In Fizaoon Say Agay WMA00:05:161.24 MB
Jis Manzil Kay Safar WMA00:03:380.88 MB
Hawai Foj Kay Uqab WMA00:05:001.17 MB
AasmaanWMA00:04:331.06 MB
Unchi UraneinWMA00:04:441.11 MB

PAF Songs (Video) FormatDuration Size
Har Jahan Say Agay WMV00:04:3311.7 MB
Dharkan Main Josh WMV00:03:479.53 MB
Ghazi Ya Shaheed WMV00:04:5712.4 MB
Aye Rah-e-Haq Kay ShaheedoWMV00:04:4511.5 MB
Jhapatna Palatna WMV00:03:408.82 MB
Hawaoon Ka Sipahi WMV00:04:3810.4 MB
Tum Hi Say Aye Mujahido WMV00:05:4114.5 MB
In Fizaoon Say Agay WMV00:05:1712.4 MB
Jis Manzil Kay Safar WMV00:03:409.55 MB
Hawai Foj Kay Uqab WMV00:05:0112.9 MB
AasmaanWMV00:04:3311.4 MB
Unchi UraneinWMV00:04:4412.1 MB
Josh (Shafqat Ammanat Ali) WMV00:03:417.79 MB

PAF DocumentaryFormatDuration Size
PAF IntroductionWMV00:01:223.83 MB
PAF HistoryWMV00:03:4414.2 MB
PAF InfrastructureWMV00:01:193.95 MB
Training in PAFWMV00:02:5015.5 MB
PAF In Persuit of Self RelianceWMV00:02:157.77 MB
Tomorrows PAF WMV00:01:495.00 MB



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